Re-Act: Who We Are

Re-Act: Refugee Action Scotland, is a volunteer-run charity that was launched in 2015. Originating in Edinburgh, we are now present in Fife, Falkirk and Aberdeen.  Our main focuses are the delivery of emergency aid to refugees in camps throughout Europe and the Middle East and assisting the resettlement and integration of refugees (New Scots) in Scotland.


New Scots Sewing Project

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 Local New Scot families are currently donating their time and skills to sew face masks for local Edinburgh community organisations. This project provides an opportunity for the New Scots community to contribute to the pandemic relief efforts and creates pathways for up-skilling and possible employment.

Donate to help us provide essential need both in Scotland and abroad. Just £10 can help set up a family's at-home learning kit during the pandemic. 

We are always looking for new volunteers for our donation days and community projects. Experience is not essential - get in touch! 

Our aim is to harness the resources of goodwill offered by the local Scottish community to improve the quality of life of refugees.