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Re-Act: Refugee Action Scotland is a volunteer-run charity that was launched in 2015 in response to the growing refugee crisis. Originally begun in Edinburgh, we are now present in Fife, Falkirk and Aberdeen. 

 Our main focuses is welcoming New Scots to their new homes and helping them settle into life in Scotland.  


We organise the collection and distribution of donations and aid items collected throughout Scotland. Since 2015, we have distributed over 1,500 tonnes donations. 
Along with our welcome packs for children and families. 


We run weekly social groups for refugee men, women and children of all ages year round in Edinburgh which provides much needed community support and engagement.


Our aim is to harness the resources of goodwill offered by the local Scottish community to improve the quality of life of refugees in their new home. 


Liz McArthur

Sawsan Osso

Raymond Considine

Maggie Cameron

Georgia Royes

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