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We are always looking for new volunteers for our donation days and community projects. If you would like to find out about how to get involved, please contact


While experience is useful for certain roles, it is not essential for starting out with us. There are plenty of ways to contribute – be in touch!



Due to Covid-19, our usual system for receiving material donations is not in operation. We are unable to take any donation of clothes, baby equipment or similar. However, we are still active and on the lookout for certain items to assist refugee families through the lockdown.

We're especially keen on computer hardware that can assist with home learning, such as: webcams, computer desks, speakers, and other relevant accessories in good working order.

For these donations and all other donation queries, please contact or sign up to our newsletter to hear when we start our drives again. 


Our projects are made possible through donations from supporters like you. Whether you can go without your takeaway coffee today, or contribute a monthly donation from your pay check, your donation will make a genuine, tangible difference.


Just £10 would mean we could purchase a web-cam to assist a New Scot child to continue their school during the current epidemic. 



Want to help but not sure how? Why not organise a fundraiser to help us raise the funds we desperately need to continue our work. From a pub quiz, fun run or birthday fundraiser!


Be in touch to chat about how you can support us and have some fun in the process! You can email us at


Want to do more than just change your office lightbulbs and sign petitions? We work with businesses that want to make an impact and help increase their corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Be in touch to discuss options for your business to support the New Scot community. You can email us at